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Steady (a devotional)

About a year ago, I dropped a piece of glass on my foot and severed a tendon. After two surgeries, I struggled with mobility. Instead of looking forward, I started looking down to make sure there was nothing that could trip me or throw me off balance.

Here is a list of things you should NOT use to steady yourself:

the dog

the cat

a kitchen cabinet door that is open

any open door

This is the list of things that you SHOULD use to steady yourself. The items on this list will never let you down.



This injury taught me the value of a grab bar. I learned the hard way that the following items are NOT made to hold on to:

A toilet paper holder

A towel bar

A shower curtain

The back of a lightweight chair

Any part of a swivel chair

This is a list of things that you can always grab onto. This is a list of steady things, things that will never waiver



I think even when we don’t have an injury, we sometimes try to grab onto things that aren’t steady. Sometimes it works for us, and sometimes it doesn’t. My bad foot experience has been pretty lousy, but the end is in sight. My path to a full recovery hasn’t been easy, but it has strengthened what I know to be true: the Lord will never let us down. His love and grace never waiver. He will always steady us. And steady is a very good thing to be.

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